Dominican Hair Site

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There’s an amazing website dedicated to everything about Dominican hair salons. www.roundbrushhair.com serves up the dish on hair products, tips and even testimonials of those who swear by Dominican salons and stylists. You can even find where there is a Dominican salon in your neighborhood! It’s a one stop shop for those of you out there curious about the hair phenomenon that’s taking over the nation.

SOURCE: Noche Latina

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Daisy Fuentes in “Fitness”

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More than ever, Latinas are feeling the pressure to be skinny. Therefore former model and Cuban-born TV personality Daisy Fuentes will lead Fitness magazine in its Mind, Body, Spirit initiative as its superstar. In the September issue of Fitness (which hit newsstands August 14th), Daisy discusses her body confidence, and how to reset the dial on what America calls “beautiful”. She even offers a workout that helps her get ready for a photo shoot. Her interview and her consejos para las Latinas are a breath of fresh air as more and more magazines feature pencil thin models and celebrities.

Your comadre-blogger has hooked you up with excerpt on the interview. 🙂 In the Fitness interviews, Daisy talks about:

  • Celebrity role models: “It takes someone as confident as Jennifer Lopez to turn a body part that’s often considered a flaw into something hot.”
  • Hispanic women’s pressure to feel thin: “There’s a part of you that really wants to embrace your curves, then there’s society saying no one likes curves.”
  • Whether Hispanic body image will change in five years:“I like the multicultural celebration of body image that is going on now. [I’m happy] that we’re all starting to see how beauty shines through no matter what you look like. I’m also a big supporter of charities that boost girls’ self-esteem.”
  • Her own curves: “When I was younger, I used to worry about it all the time. Now I’m know that I’m doing the best I can. I don’t care about the criticism.”
  • Her advice for other women:“Don’t be so hard on yourself. But, if you don’t like something about your body, change it. Eat healthy and work out.”

You can read the interview at FitnessMagazine.com

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New Jewelry Craze Among Latina Celebs

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Vita Life’s jewelry continues to grow its variety of accessories and its celebrity fan base. Hero’s star, Hayden Panettiere, is the newest celebrity fan joining Katherine Heigl, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, Jamie Lynn Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Just in the past couple of months, Hayden, now owns 2 key necklaces, 2 patent leather Milano bracelets and 10 snakeskin bangles in assorted colors and sizes. It’s no secret here in Los Angeles, whether your shopping on Rodeo Drive, eating lunch at The Grove or satisfying your palette at Pinkberry, you’ll see fashionistas wearing the Vita collection. Vita is available at Harmony Lane (“californiastyle” – 25% coupon code) and Boutique To You (“castyle15” – 15% coupon code).

SOURCE: California Style

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10 Things You Don’t Know About Women by Sarah Silverman

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It’s not The Feminine Mystique, but in her own way, Sarah Silverman attempts to enlighten the masses about the complexities of womanhood.

The assignment is “Ten things men don’t know about women.” I am the worst person to write this. Get Nora Ephron. Get Mim Udovitch. But me? Look, if you want a piece on the difference between men and women, you can pick one up next to the cash register at any bookstore. (I think computers write them now.) But as I thought about it, I realized it’s up to me, as a writer, to find a unique angle. Then I found it: total and complete honesty. That’s right, the following are, truly, the ten things that men don’t know about women.

1. We go to the bathroom together because we’re doing coke.

2. We want to cuddle after sex because we’re fucking freezing.

3. Makeup gets you high.

4. The “menstrual cramp” is a made-up phenomenon. Like the “Holocaust.”

5. Not all women like crappy, sappy movies. Unfortunately, many do. Which is why they get made. So, ultimately, you can actually blame women for the perpetuation of mediocrity in film.

6. Vaginas have a hidden pocket for change. (Not coins, social change.)

7. Our eyes are up here.

8. We hate our thighs because, interestingly enough, they opposed our right to vote.

9. Women who get boob jobs “for themselves” also give blow jobs “for themselves.”

10. The labia minora is not Hanukkah paraphernalia.

Sarah Silverman, a comedian and actress, stars in the new Fox sitcom Greg the Bunny.

Source: Esquire

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Story of 13-year-old Latina prostitute

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Sex_sells_2 New York magazine published a must-read article about Lucia, a young Hispanic girl of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent who was forced to be a prostitute at the tender age of 13. Her history is the tragically real story of a terrible childhood that lacked love, guidance and support. The piece reveals Lucilia’s early years in foster care and her uncle molested her at 10 and her older half-brother raped her before she turned 13. She is preyed upon by almost everyone that she comes into contact with and that includes the Justice system which treated her as a criminal when she was merely a child that was forced by her circumstances into this horrible existence. Check it out here.

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Book celebrates Latina achievers in New Mexico

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Mujeres Valerosas book cover

Mujeres Valerosas book cover

Photo: Hispanic Women’s Council

Mujeres Valerosas, a 142-page documentary book published by the Hispanic Women’s Council, showcases the accomplishments of 79 contemporary Latina women leaders in New Mexico. All of the women in the book were nominated by their peers. Except for the book committee who selected the final nominations for publication, there were no judges.

The book was partially funded by major grants from the Center for Regional Studies, University of New Mexico and the New Mexico Women’s Foundation.

Through essays, photos and short biographies, the women share life lessons and practical approaches to personal and professional success in Mujeres Valerosas. The idea behind the book was to highlight the many accomplishments and successes of the women who “improve the quality of life of others” by serving their community, growing a business or working to institute public policies. Their creativity and tenacity in overcoming obstacles and their ability to summon the strength and courage to move beyond setbacks are described as inspirational to readers.

The Hispanic Women’s Council is a non-profit organization founded in 1988 to promote, support and create opportunities for Hispanic women. The organization is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

SOURCE: HispanicMPR.com

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College is First to Help in Micro-lending Program

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In the shadow of the worst shooting in US history, many experts are highlighting the violence that dominates many college campuses. But some college campuses are showing the other side of the coin as they strive for community involvement and assistance.

At the University of North Texas, students, faculty and staff have joined together to participate in a special program called Recycle to Eradicate Poverty. With this program, boxes have been placed around the campus to collect recyclable old ink cartridges and cell phones.


You might be thinking: So what? That’s just another recycling program. The unique part about Recycle to Eradicate Poverty is that all of the proceeds earned from these recycled items goes to The Chiapas Project, which receives $1 for every used inkjet cartridge and up to $300 for every used cell phone they collect. The Chiapas Project aims to eradicate poverty in Latin America by providing small loans to poor women who are interested in starting their own small businesses. With these loans, many of these entrepreneurs produce goods, such as handicrafts, to sell at market. As a result of The Chiapas Project, these women gain economic independence, the economy is stimulated and strengthened in these areas in Latin America. So far, The Chiapas Project has expanded businesses in Haiti, El Salvador and other Latin American countries.

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A lil girl’s VaJJ Story

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A certain girl (whose name shall not mentioned) told her father that she couldn’t use the bathroom yet since her father, who has a peanut, is in the bathroom. Her mother asked her “So carino what do you have.” She replied, “Everybody knows that we girls got pinatas, Mami.”

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Followers & Spies

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After an unsuccessful trip to the pool (it turns out that the public pools will be closed until June 24th), my mother and I decided to walk around 231st ST, which has numerous cheap shops. We went to a store that someone recommended my mother and we browsed its shoes’ aisle. There were plenty of cute shoes for (get this) under $10. So we put my mother’s $20 to good use.

As my mother and I picked out some cute shoes, Mami noticed a woman nearing us from the corner of her eye. Now this woman was skilled. If she was in the wild, she would’ve been a snake, slithing on the grass unnoticed to her prey. The stranger watched my mother as she tried on a cute pair of white sandals. After she deemed it to her satisfaction, she picked up a pair of white sandals in her size. Mami quickly said “Why is it that when you find something nice, some stranger comes around and spies it too?” I said “Shhh!” so the woman wouldn’t hear it.

The lady left, and two friends took her place. They looked at the cheap shoes. My mother and I walked away, and as we did, my mother commented on the black sandals. I said that they look ugly and dark for the summer. Well, I guess one of the ladies heard it because once I said that, she quickly slipped her foot out of the black sandal and into a blue one; acting like she didn’t prefer the black sparkly sandal.

It’s amazing how many people are followers. I would say 99% are followers, and then there’s the 1% who are unique enough to lead us through new modes of creativity (because anything new is simple and creative; simply creative).

Hmmm. Maybe I can use this stat to my benefit. Maybe, the next time I see a cute pair of Blahniks look-alikes and a girl is trying on the last pair in my size, I’ll just comment on the ugliness of the color and the displacement of the sparkle because a girl will do anything for a cute pair of stilettos.

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Plastic surgery

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A middle aged Chicana had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital.
While on the operating table, the comadre was delirious, she had a near
death experience. Seeing God, she asked, “Hay Dios Santo, is my time
up?” Dios said, “No mijita, you have another 43 years, two months and
eight days to live.” Upon recovery, the Chicana decided to stay in the
hospital and have the works done: a face-lift, liposuction, a chichi
lift, nalga lift and a pansa tuck. The Chica was all excited cause she
knew she had a long life ahead and wanted to look bien good! After her
last operation, she was released from the hospital. While crossing the
street on her way to a taqueria, she was hit and killed by an ambulance.
Arriving in front of Creator, she demanded, “Orale pues – Que paso?
Thought you said I had another 40 years to go? Why didn’t you pull me
out of the path of that pinche ambulance?” The Creator replied, “Orale
Chica, I didn’t even recognize you!”

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