New Video of Juan Luis Guerra

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Juan Luis Guerra recently released a new music video for his song “La Traviesa.” The video was directed by fellow Dominican Taba Blanchard. The music video is visually stunning as its premise focuses on a man’s international search for a woman. The video is mostly comprised of home video footage that the director acquired from friends across the globe.

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Safe Travels

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The best thing for travelers since rollable luggage, MyOnlineSafe, a new tool that makes traveling more organized and secure.

If you’re ever lost luggage while traveling, you know what we’re talking about (37 million bags were misdirected last year)… yep, it’s a hassle. But god forbid the worst happens, and your luggage is stolen or misplaced, you can avoid the stress of hunting for critical papers or proving that lost items really belong to you by storing scanned images of all your important documents (passport, airline tickets, credit card info, travelers check receipts, prescriptions, contact numbers, etc.) in your own personal password-protected “online safe” that you can download from anywhere in the world.

No more carting around piles of photocopies. No more misplacing crucial insurance papers. In case of emergency, hit the nearest Internet café.

Now that’s a sigh of relief!

SOURCE: Area Daily

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Managing the 3-oz rule

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Recently, a new rule has been implented for airport security which limits you to three-ounce bottles. You can read what’s allowed or not allowed on board here. Cosmetics mavens and fashionista Latinas are of course freaking out. How can we fit our shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser, body cleanser, shaving cream, body lotion, facial lotion, SPF, concealer, foundation, and so much more in 1 quart size ziplock bag? Here to the rescue is Dr. Baumann, author of the best-selling book, The Skin Type Solution. She has listed in her blog some tips that will help you in this three-ounce crisis:

1. Yes, toothpaste counts. Put a travel size tube in your plastic bag to start.

2. Remember, the rule is that containers can’t be larger than three ounces – so don’t try to bring the remaining three ounces of a six-ounce shampoo bottle.

3. Your eye cream can double as a nighttime facial cream (that’s what I do when I’m traveling). Similarly, a separate eye cream isn’t absolutely necessary – just pat your regular moisturizer around your eye area. Let your products do double duty.

4. Look for stick foundation, rather than liquid, so your makeup doesn’t take up valuable space in the plastic bag.

5. Bring lipsticks and lip balms instead of glosses to save even more space.

6. Avoid liquid eyeliners and eye shadows – stick to powders to avoid problems.

7. This is the one time you will hear me recommend a bar soap for the face (but look for the gentlest you can find). These don’t need to go in the bag.

8. Save your favorite perfume samples or visit a department-store perfume counter and pick some up before you leave. They’re a huge space saver.

9. Going to be outdoors during your trip? Buy sunscreen when you arrive. Not only will you save precious room in your luggage, you’ll ensure that the sunscreen is at maximum potency (unlike years-old tubes you might have lying around the house).

10. One thing you should never skimp on when flying is hydration. Look for small spray bottles of water that you can mist on your face during the flight. Follow that up with moisturizer, and you’ll lock in moisture to fight the effects of airplane air.

Finally, take inexpensive, small items that you won’t mind leaving behind. Flying internationally? Think of it as freeing up room to shop the duty-free stores on your way home.

I always buy color cosmetics and perfumes duty-free – it’s cheaper, and your purchases aren’t subject to the liquid and gel rules when you buy them after you’ve cleared security. (Charles de Gaulle in Paris and the airport in Vancouver, Canada, have the best duty-free shops, in my opinion)

SOURCE: Skin Type Solution blog

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Wallet for Traveling Latina

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Organization is the key to success. Every Hispanic woman knows that. Well now there’s a wallet to help both the organization-obsessed and the organization lacking when traveling. It can help any Latina on the road or in the sky.image

What: She-Tech’s Arinna Travel Wallets Why: I’m one of those people who needs to be organized—I carry an agenda on me at all times to keep things in order and without it, my life starts to short circuit. When I travel, that need for order skyrockets to an inconceivable new emotion combined with fear and anticipation. Did I forget the tickets? How about my passport?! Oh my gosh, where are my credit cards!?!

No, I’m not high-strung. Honest.

Thanks to these marvelously crafted travel wallets by She-Tech I can finally release the white-knuckled grip on my belongings and enjoy the fact that I’m on vacation. The Travel Wallet comes complete with a compartment for all of your important documents, from tickets and passport to Traveler’s Cheques and credit cards (all of which are labeled, too!). Still, even with all that room inside for keeping your most precious possessions safe and sound, it’s still very compact. Even better? The feminine details are fresh and pretty, while the buttery soft leather is luxurious, just like your vacation should be.

Now I can sit back, relax and sip a daquiri, stress free.

Price: $48

Get Yours:

P.S. This company offers great laptop bags, too!

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Cosmetic Bag for the Traveling Latina

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Oh no! You’re leaving next week for Costa Rica, and you don’t know where to pack your makeup. Have no fear! The cutest toiletry travel bag is here 🙂

What: The Cutest Toiletry Travel Bag

Why: How many bath, body and hair care products do you bring with you when you travel? Personally, I tote a full-size bottle of conditioner, plus shampoo, body wash, lotion and facial skin care stuff besides. So how do I bring it? Here’s where my old self would have said, “in plastic grocery bags, naturally. Otherwise they can spill all over your suitcase.” The new me, who doesn’t dare risk her clothes, leather shoes or even her suitcase to the potential disaster caused by spillage, now puts her trust in these plastic-lined cosmetics bags by Simple Sarah.

The beautiful travel bags are big enough to tote all my big toiletries items in one, water-tight zip-top case. What’s even cooler is that besides being practical, it’s really pretty. I admit, I’m a sucker for the beautiful colors and prints on her cotton bags, and with such a wide selection, choosing a favorite is certainly not easy.

Simply Sarah also offers a variety of beautiful handbags, laptop sleeves and more.

Price: $38

Get Yours:


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Luggage for the Traveling Latina

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It’s summer yay! You know what that means: traveling to Latin America to gossip with family and to be lazy on the sandy white beaches. But how will you pack your bikinis, sandals, makeup kit,

Well, SheFinds made it easier for the Hispanic woman who loves to travel. They’ve listed some of the best luggage pieces and luggage sets out there.

.: Best of the Best :.

EditorsPickOf all the ‘Picks’, the Helen Rae carry-on is my absolute favorite. I love the shelves and the spinner wheels and I feel elegant rolling it along side me through the terminal.

* On the Blog: Travel Accessories and More

It’s Travel Week on the blog. Grab great travel accessories to go along with your new, chic luggage. And don’t miss our travel tricks to help get you through security without incident and our guide to cosmetics you can take on the plane.

Say Good Bye to Lost Luggage *

Eliminate the worry that the airlines will lose your bags — again — with baggage delivery services. Luggage Express does the dirty work for you, shipping bags both ways and handling them with care. Get 10% off shipping with promotional code “L1001575“.

Editor’s Pick

Travel BagsWe can’t set foot on the Upper East Side of Manhattan without seeing a LeSportsac bag. They’re definitely the “it” brand for everyday bags from backpacks to messengers. Now they have travel bags, too. The large and extra-large weekenders will both hold all of your stuff. Plus, you can choose from over a dozen cute patterns. The fabric is easy to clean and the straps are wide enough for shoulder comfort. We also snagged a medium weekender to use as a stylish gym bag.
Large Weekender $98 @

.: Weekenders

Getting away for the weekend isn’t always easy, so don’t burden yourself with a bag that makes you look gym-bound. The best weekend bags are big enough to fit everything you need from your clothes and toiletries to magazines and the latest chick-lit novel.

Travel Trendy
The quilted handbag trend doesn’t just end at purses. Cinda B’s lovely duffel bags combine stitching and style with a whole lot of room. Their Weekender is the perfect size for a short but sweet getaway. Exclusive for SheFinds Readers: Get a free coordinating Happy bag with purchase. Enter SheFinds07 In the “comments/how you heard about us” section at checkout.

Status Bag
For a duffel that says as much about you as your Coach hobo, look no further than Bric’s. The Life 22″ duffel comes in suede-like cotton or moc croc with Tuscan leather trim. If your shoulder complains even with the leather strap, snag the rolling version.

The Prettiest
Not only are Ame & Lulu’s duffels some of the prettiest we’ve seen, but they offer personalized embroidery on every bag. Choose from 12 beautiful fabric styles then choose a font and matching color for your name.

The WeekenderThe Weekender, $124 @ cinda Bric's Life Crocco 22 DuffelBric’s Life Crocco 22″ Duffel, $330 @ Cabana Stripe DuffelCabana Stripe Duffel, $88 @

Editor’s Pick

Helen Rae Spinner The Helen Rae Carry-on Spinner is our favorite because it hits all the right notes. Stylish and pretty — check. Multiple compartments for toiletries, shoes, laundry, or wet clothes — check. Lots of space inside — check. Plus, it comes with adjustable and removable shelves so, even if you’re packing-impaired, you can easily organize your stuff. We especially like the spinner wheels that make it easier to roll and keep the bag from flipping over when you’re running between connections.
$200 @

.: Carry-ons

Flying requires top-notch carry-on luggage. The best bags will last you a lifetime — or, at least a few years. They should be easy to roll or easy to attach. And, of course, they should have heads turning as you stroll effortlessly down the concourse.

Long Lasting
Zero Halliburton bags have proved their ‘mettle’ over the years with aluminum cases that hold up against the rigors of constant travel. The Zeroller is lighter than it looks and more attractive than its origins would suggest. Choose from several colors and protect your precious Prada from the roughest bumps and falls.

Business travel often requires a laptop and most carry-on pullmans aren’t built to accommodate them. The versatile Solo Case Rolling Laptop Traveler has a section for your clothes that includes a suiter to stave off wrinkles and a special section in the front that holds a removable laptop case to keep your computer safe.

Best for Business
When you need all the space in your carry-on for clothes, keep everything you need for a meeting or presentation on hand with the Coakley Travel Portfolio. The plethora of compartments hold your ID, passport, PDA, accessories, files, and much more. Use the back sleeve to slip it on your rolling bag’s handle.

Zero Halliburton Zeroller 21 Cabernet Carry OnZero Halliburton Zeroller 21″ Cabernet Carry On, $625 @ Irvs.com10% Off, plus Free Shipping on orders over $125 at Irv’s Luggage Warehouse SOLO 3 in 1 Rolling Business TravelerSOLO 3 in 1 Rolling Business Traveler, $119 @ eBags.comGet $20 off when you spend over $100 at Coakley Travel PortfolioCoakley Travel Portfolio, $375 @ Buy.comClick here to get $10 OFF $100 in our Bags, Sports, and Toy Stores thru 5/31/07 — New Customers Only.

Editor’s Pick

High Sierra Level Expandable Wheeled UprightHigh Sierra’s 25″ ‘Level’ wheeled upright is a solid bag built to survive the slings and arrows of frequent travel. It’s highly compartmentalized and versatile — there’s a spot for shoes, wet clothes, toiletries, underwear, etc. Plus, you could fit ten day’s worth of clothing and accessories and still have a bit of room for last-minute additions.
$152 @ *

.: Checked Bags

Checking bags can be a pain, but if you’re embarking on a vacation or a business trip longer than four days you can’t always avoid it. Still, it helps if you can get everything you need into one big bag and save the carry-on for the latest Dan Brown and Vanity Fair.

Best For Business
Keep your wrinkle worries at bay with a bag that will help you look good for the big meeting. The Victorinox Deluxe Garment Mobilizer folds over to minimize bulk and includes compartments that tuck into the corners for shoes, underwear, and anything else. The smaller Samsonite X’ion sports many of the same features plus spinner wheels.

Most Innovative
Whether you overpack from the start or return with more than you took, determining weight is essential to avoiding extra fees. Ricardo Beverly Hills brilliantly devised luggage with a built-in scale.

The Prettiest
With Liz Claiborne you never have to choose style over substance. The expandable Marina suitcase is attractive inside and out. A big bonus is the plastic compartment for toiletries or wet clothes. The spinner wheels make it easy to maneuver, even when full.

* Take $10 off your next next order of $150.00 or more at WorldTraveler with coupon code AF0501 at checkout.

Spinner Wheeled Garment BagSamsonite X’ion Spinner Wheeled Garment Bag, $209 @ Irvs.comSave up to 50% Off the Samsonite X’ion collection at Ricardo Beverly Hills Camden Drive LTRicardo Beverly Hills Camden Drive LT 28″ 2-Compartment Upright with Built-In Scale, $216 @ eBags.comUp to 60% Off on Luggage, Handbags, Backpacks & More at Liz Claiborne MarinaLiz Claiborne Marina 25″ Exp Rolling Suitcase, $110 @ eBags.comGet a $25 eBags Savings Certificate with any Purchase Over $75.

Editor’s Pick

Heys XCASE Upright Luggage SetHard-case luggage used to be heavy, boxy, and not so chic. Nowadays we have the Heys XCASE Upright Luggage Set which looks a bit futuristic and employs some space-age technology to keep them light yet ultra-durable. The handles curve gently to ease the pressure on your arm even if you’ve packed the kitchen sink.
$235 @ *

.: Luggage Sets

Nothing makes one feel more like a sophisticated globetrotter than a matching set of beautiful luggage. Plus, you’ll often get the best deals if you buy in bulk. Getting a set with a distinctive look eliminates the need to grab every similar-looking bag as they come around the carousel.

Status Bag
Though Louis Vuitton has been around forever, it’s still the height of style and the choice of elegant ladies en route to Paris. LV luggage doesn’t sell as a complete set but, if you have one, you have to have the others. Whether you need rolling uprights, a duffel, or a carry-on, Louis Vuitton has it in popular Monogram or classic Damier.

Travel Trendy
If the LV’s price sends you running for the hills, check out this Diane Von Furstenberg Vintage 3-Piece Travel Set. The DVF signature print set against the familiar brown evokes the Vuitton look without looking like a cheap knockoff.

The Prettiest
The American Flyer Capri set offers five lovely and distinctive bags at a fantastic price. There are plenty of compartments, a place for shoes and wet clothes/laundry, and they’re easy to attach together and roll. Arrive at the airport early because everyone will stop you wanting to know where you got such lovely bags.

Get free shipping on orders over $75 at *

Louis Vuitton LuggageLouis Vuitton Luggage, $1,700 – $2,700 @ Diane Von Furstenberg Vintage 3-Piece Travel SetDiane Von Furstenberg Vintage 3-Piece Travel Set, $320 @ eBags.comGet $20 off when you spend over $100 at American Flyer Capri 5-piece Luggage SetAmerican Flyer Capri 5-piece Luggage Set, $130 @

Friend of SheFinds

You’ve been working hard all winter and now it’s time to reward yourself with a well earned vacation. Get away this summer, and be the envy of all the other travelers with your new luggage set from Travel in style, and the superb quality will ensure you’re using your luggage for years to come. Click here, and receive $20 off when you spend over $100 on your luggage at


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