News Corp. Launches MySpace en for Hispanic

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Mi_espacioLook out Mi Gente. You’ve got some competition. News Corp (MySpace’s parent company) has launched a MySpace for Hispanics in the US. News Corp. has launched several different variations of Myspace for the bi-lingual set. But on Tuesday, it will dedicate to the 28 million Latinos in the US. and for Hispanics residing in Latin America. These two new sites will attract the more than 6 million Latinos who currently use MySpace US.

These websites will include ads, music, TV shows, content, partnerships tailored to Latinos. For example, MySpace Brazil and MySpace Mexico will also launch as separate communities, and the Mexican site is partnered with EMI Records. And there will also be a Spanish version of MySpace IM.

It’s worth noting that anyone can be friends with anyone in MySpace, even if they use different MySpace sites and speak completely different languages.

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US-born Latinos surf the web

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In March, the Pew Hispanic Center and Pew Internet & American Life Project released a study on how Hispanics and U.S. Latinos use the Internet. The report shows that 76% of U.S.-born Latinos go online, compared to only 43% of Hispanics born in Latin America or Spain.

It seems that more of us are web-savvy after all 🙂

The Pew Hispanic Center and Pew Internet Project conducted the surveys by telephone in 2006. To read the full report, go to

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Latinos and the Internet

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Yesterday, I read at a news site that Latinos are less likely to use the internet, and I was shocked to read the statistics of Latinos who use the web. Here’s a comparative summary of stats between Latinos, whites, and blacks adults who report using in the internet in the U.S.:





The web usage study continues to explain that education, one’s birth place, income and age play important roles in internet use in the Latino community. Here’s the breakdown:


89% College graduates use the web

70% High school graduatesOnline Use by Language and Nativity

31 % non-high school graduates


76% U.S.-born Latinos are more likely to use the web

43% Latinos born outside the United States

*Oh no! I won’t find my Brazilian spring break hottie. I guess I have to stick to plan B: hire a private investigator.


88% U.S. Latinos earning more than $50,000/year

39% Latinos earning less than $30,000/year

*Yay! My dead-beat ex won’t stalk me on AIM.


67% Latinos ages of 18 and 29

61% Latinos ages 30 to 41.

However, those percentages are much lower than white and African American demographics.

*It looks I won’t Abuelita on MySpace.

What do these percents mean–besides being an evil reminder of your hated Stats class? Simply put, lower formal education levels and limited English abilities are the major reasons for the low percentage of Latino web usage, compared to other demographics.

Despite these grim statistics, there is still hope for Latinos and the world wide web. Latino web usage has significantly increased. Pew Internet Project’s Broadband Adoption Report 2006 notes the following:

  • an increase from 28% in 2005 to 41% in 2006 among Latino internet users
  • 42% of the group have also done at least one of the following online: shared something they created themselves like a story or video, created their own Web page, worked on others’ Web pages, or created a blog.

As a result of this increase, many companies are targeting closer to home as they make their sites more Latino-friendly. For example, Discovery Kids in Español has recently launched the new experiential online component and host, Doki, which will complement on-air programming with cool activities, such as interactive games, video, art activities, and downloadables. Quepasa Corporation, which owns, has acquired, a leading online dating site in Latin America. Now the 300,000 members of Corazones are part of Quepasa, which currently has 500,000 members. Voy and Joost have partnered together in one of the biggest Latino marketing plans by bringing Latino programming to Latino viewers and those interested in Latino culture through:

  • VOY Filmmaker Showcase, which features the best Latino-created and Latino featured short films, music videos and commercials
  • the Latino culture magazine LatinEyes
  • the Hollywood-focused Latino-centered VOY
  • Hola America!, a news magazine which depicts significant Latinos in the U.S.
  • LowLos, a weekly show dedicated to Lowriders and the Lowriding culture
  • (IN)Pulse, A VOY original , a weekly hosted show on all things entertainment with a Latino twist.


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