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Dominican Hair Site

Posted on October 19, 2007. Filed under: Beauty & Fashion, The Caribbean, United States, Women |

There’s an amazing website dedicated to everything about Dominican hair salons. serves up the dish on hair products, tips and even testimonials of those who swear by Dominican salons and stylists. You can even find where there is a Dominican salon in your neighborhood! It’s a one stop shop for those of you out there curious about the hair phenomenon that’s taking over the nation.

SOURCE: Noche Latina

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Bangles Under $40

Posted on October 9, 2007. Filed under: Beauty & Fashion |

One of the key accessories for most Latinas are bracelets and bangles. Check out this list of 10 bangles under $40.

10 Bangles Under $38


Update your look with this season’s bevy of bangles. Whether you pile them on or wear yours as singles, there are plenty of styles to choose from this season – and you don’t need to spend a fortune. Check out these finds, all for less than $38:

Chunky Lucite BangleChunky Lucite Bangle
This translucent bangle is a great way to add a little color to your outfit. 3 colors. $6 at
Batik Painted BangleBatik Painted Bangle
Wide wooden bangle painted allover with a batik-style print. $14 at
Xhilaration® Bangle Bracelet SetXhilaration Bangle Bracelet Set
Set of 3 red faceted bangles. $7.99 at

Straw-Wrap BangleStraw-Wrap Bangle
Wide bangle is hand-wrapped with straw and tinted for added effect. $24 at

Kenneth Jay Lane Bamboo BangleKenneth Jay Lane Bamboo Bangle
Sometimes it’s the simple things that just make us swoon with fashion delight. Thin, bamboo-style bangle in 3 colors. $38 at


Glass-bead bangle braceletGlass-Bead Bangle Bracelet
Each delicate oval-shaped brass bangle is surrounded by colorful glass beads and a tiny nautical charm stack them up or wear them alone. Gold or silver plating. 3 colors. $25 at

Sarina Wide BangleSarina Wide Bangle
Silvertone metal bangle. $28 at

Inlaid banglesInlaid Bangles
A cluster of shiny bangles inlaid with bone add dash of well-traveled glamour to your outfit. Also in natural. $22 at

Marbled bangleMarbled Bangle
An asymmetrical shape gives this bold bangle bracelet its unique style. $38 at

 Enamel Bangle SetEnamel Bangle Set
Set of two bangles, with one thin enamel bangle with metal trim and one thick bangle adorned with color block enamel and metal trim. $32 at

SOURCE: Style Bakery

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Work Dresses

Posted on September 30, 2007. Filed under: Beauty & Fashion |

Dresses for the office? Of course! Latinas know how to make any day office-pretty 🙂


8 Work-Worthy Day Dresses For Less Than $70



Esprit  poplin shirtdress
Esprit poplin shirtdress

100% cotton shirtdress with short sleeves. Also in pesto green.

$69.50 at

Grecian Dress
Grecian Dress

A-line dress with cap sleeves, double v-neck and elastic details. Also in black.

$38.50 at


Button Babydoll

Woven dress with puff sleeves, knit waist and button detail. Also in black.

$39.50 at

Print Shirtdress
Print Shirtdress

Woven shirtdress updated in a modern print. Wrap-style with V-neck and attached sash.

$59.99 at

Bisou Bisou® Print Wrap Dress

Bisou Bisou® Print Wrap Dress

A touch of green mixed with black and cream offers a wardrobe-winning combination. This dotted wrap dress has ¾ sleeves and a self belt.

$39.99 at

Studio 1940® banded surplice dress
Studio 1940® banded surplice dress

Flowing slip-on dress in a playful paisley floral print. Solid banding beneath the bust for a flattering fit.

$29.99 at

Style&co. Ruffle-Trim Jersey Dress

Style&co. Ruffle-Trim Jersey Dress

Soft ruffles at the neckline lend a special touch to this flattering jersey dress.

$49 at

Ruby Rox Eyelet Shirtdress
Ruby Rox Eyelet Shirtdress

Delicate floral eyelet shapes a sweet little dress, styled with puffed cap sleeves, jeweled buttons and a full skirt.

$52 at




SOURCE: Style Bakery

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Daisy Fuentes in “Fitness”

Posted on August 27, 2007. Filed under: Beauty & Fashion, Celebrities & Entertainment, Food & Nutrition, Health/Wellness, North America, United States, Women |

More than ever, Latinas are feeling the pressure to be skinny. Therefore former model and Cuban-born TV personality Daisy Fuentes will lead Fitness magazine in its Mind, Body, Spirit initiative as its superstar. In the September issue of Fitness (which hit newsstands August 14th), Daisy discusses her body confidence, and how to reset the dial on what America calls “beautiful”. She even offers a workout that helps her get ready for a photo shoot. Her interview and her consejos para las Latinas are a breath of fresh air as more and more magazines feature pencil thin models and celebrities.

Your comadre-blogger has hooked you up with excerpt on the interview. 🙂 In the Fitness interviews, Daisy talks about:

  • Celebrity role models: “It takes someone as confident as Jennifer Lopez to turn a body part that’s often considered a flaw into something hot.”
  • Hispanic women’s pressure to feel thin: “There’s a part of you that really wants to embrace your curves, then there’s society saying no one likes curves.”
  • Whether Hispanic body image will change in five years:“I like the multicultural celebration of body image that is going on now. [I’m happy] that we’re all starting to see how beauty shines through no matter what you look like. I’m also a big supporter of charities that boost girls’ self-esteem.”
  • Her own curves: “When I was younger, I used to worry about it all the time. Now I’m know that I’m doing the best I can. I don’t care about the criticism.”
  • Her advice for other women:“Don’t be so hard on yourself. But, if you don’t like something about your body, change it. Eat healthy and work out.”

You can read the interview at

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Top 10 Bright Jeans From Indie Designers

Posted on August 18, 2007. Filed under: Beauty & Fashion |

What describes Latina style? Color! And lots of it. So here’s a list of the


Bright is the right way to go this season. Aside from the obvious statement they make about your confidence as a trendsetter, brights are perfect for welcoming Summer’s warm weather. When wearing brightly colored jeans, keep your accessories and the importance of matching colors with complimentary tops in mind. Check out our top 10 bright jean picks from designers like Citizens of Humanity, Rich & Skinny, and Joe’s Jeans.

1. Citizens of Humanity Paley Ankle Length Stretch Jean

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Skinny Chrissie Jean

3. Seven Jeans Side Zip Joyce Jean

4. Radcliffe Denim NW1 Skinny Stretch Jean

5. Rich & Skinny Rich Boot Cut Jean

6. Kova & T Boot Cut Stretch Jean

7. Joe’s Jeans Chelsea Jean

8. Dittos The Classic Wide Leg Jean

9. James Jeans – Dry Aged Denim Original 5 Pocket Jean

10. Seven Jeans Belted Straight Leg Jean

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Is your mascara green-friendly?

Posted on August 15, 2007. Filed under: Beauty & Fashion, Environment |

Is your mascara easy on the eyes?

The Bite
Only if it’s non-toxic. Most mascaras contain not-so-pretty ingredients like parabens. Make sure the reaction to your mascara action is smashing lashes, not chem-laden side effects.

The Benefits

  • Longer-looking lashes, for eyes that hypnotize (just don’t ask people under your power to do anything illegal).
  • Non-toxic formulas. The FDA doesn’t require companies to safety-test cosmetics before marketing them, so stick with natural ones.
  • Cleaner waterways. Synthetic chems can leach out of bottles you throw away and end up in water supplies, untreated. And you thought clumping was bad.

Personally Speaking
Heather rarely leaves the house before applying her supervolumizing lavera mascara. She challenges any mascara model out there to a winking contest.

Wanna Try?


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Budget Fashionista Contest

Posted on August 10, 2007. Filed under: Beauty & Fashion |

Greetings everyone,

This August, The Budget Fashionista fashion blog is launching weekend
contests, featuring prize packages worth over $500 in value. Starting
the weekend of August 3rd, visitors who leave a comment on the blog
from 12:01am Friday to 11:59pm Sunday, as well as their email
addresses, will be automatically entered to win that weekend’s

Here’s some of the great contests we have planned:
– A Dooney & Burke Travel Bag filled with the latest releases from hot
indie label Defend music, tons of beauty products, and lots of other
– Two $250 gift certificates to accessories store Angela Moore
– A bra wardrobe from Playtex

To enter, visit The Budget
( every weekend in August.

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Stuck on Fashion’s Favorite Tape

Posted on August 8, 2007. Filed under: Beauty & Fashion |

Latinas are seen as some of the sexiest women, and it’s no surprise since we wear any garment to perfection. Who can forget Jennifer Lopez’s green sexy gown a few years ago. But as summer hits us all and sexy is limited to a few threads, some reinforcements are called to the frontlines. Check out the article below that discusses double-sided fabric-to-skin tape.

* * * * * * * *

The top that gapes open at the most inopportune moment. The bra strap that just refuses to stay under your shirt where it belongs. The plunging v-neck that plunges just a fraction of an inch too far. We’ve all been there. It’s so frustrating. It isn’t like you’re trying to pull off a J.Lo-esque cut-to-there Versace gown, you just want to be able to wear your fave halter top without flashing the goods. It’s not too much to ask for, right?


Bristol6 Stylin' Tape
Stylin’ Tape

Available at:

As Ms. Lopez taught us back in 2000, sometimes you need a little help to keep your fab frocks from slipping out of place. Enter double sided fabric-to-skin tape. Back in the day, models and other in the know types kept toupee tape on hand to wrangle difficult fabrics. These days, there’s a wide range of sticky products on the market designed to help us everyday fashionistas avoid “wardrobe malfunctions.” I’ve used a few myself, but I was curious what the average “real world” woman would think about taping her clothing into place. Is clothing tape a genius invention, or a sign that our wardrobes are getting a little too high maintenance? I turned the Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk panel— a group of fun, fabulous women who are always up to road testing crazy new products– loose with packages of Bristols6 Stylin’ Tape, one of the newest entrants into the clothing and body tape market, and then asked for their honest opinion.

“These products are AWESOME! Every woman needs Stylin’ Tape… in her arsenal of beauty products!” gushes Po, a 28-year-old attorney in Ceres, California. “I’ve used double-sided styling tape for clothing before, but it wasn’t as easy to use as these ones by Bristols6. I really like how Bristols6’s tape is precut, flat, and easily packaged– unlike the tape dispenser style I am used to. It’s flatness makes it easy to carry around, even in my pocket– in case of emergencies.”

The ease of packaging was also a strong point for Pearl, a 28-year-old LA-based music industry coordinator. “I love that it comes in different sizes and that it is clear. And, I love the packaging of the tape in the little purse envelope,” says Pearl.


Bristols6 Stylin' Tape
Stylin’ Tape

Available at:

Unfortunately, things were not as rosy for Kim, a 23-year-old recent college graduate from La Jolla, California. “As far as the Stylin’ Tape goes, it did not work that well for me. Maybe it is because I’m a size C and it doesn’t want to hold up these kind of girls. When I tried to tape it to my strapless bra [to keep it in place] it just wouldn’t hold,” Kim laments. “However, it did work on a slinky top– by taping the bottoms so it did not bare all of my breasts.”

Jennifer, a 31-year-old nurse from Long Beach, California, also liked the option of using Stylin’ Tape to take charge of a shirt that tends to bare too much skin. “The tape worked great,” says Jennifer. “It allowed me to wear two tops that I don’t wear very often because of potential ‘pop out’.”

Michelle found a different use for the Stylin’ Tape– keeping strappy tank tops in check. “I love using the tape for bra straps, especially with layered tanks. There’s nothing worse than two tanks and a bra strap. Tacky,” offers Michelle, a 40-year-old SoCal nurse. “So, I tried the tape with the bottom tank and bra strap [stuck together]. It worked great and held all day. It is a must have!”

So far, so good. Sounds like our Girl Talk ladies found some good uses for Stylin’ Tape. So, what about you, “Random Chick?”

“I wasn’t able to try the Stylin’ Tape. I just have absolutely nothing in my wardrobe that would require its use,” says “Random Chick,” a 31-year-old freelance writer. “As you may have noticed, I am rather low maintenance style-wise, and clothing you have to tape into place is sort of the opposite of that. Having the tape makes having the clothing slightly more feasible, though, so you never know what might happen in the future.”

Hmm. Only one half-hearted mention of the “high maintenance” nature of our girly-girl wardrobes, but plenty of creative uses of Stylin’ Tape. Looks like double-sided clothing tape may be just the kind of accessory we fashionistas have been waiting for.

SOURCE: Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle

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Dominican Hair Salons

Posted on August 7, 2007. Filed under: Beauty & Fashion, United States |

When it comes to achieving the perfect blow out, every woman on the East Coast from Manhattan to Miami Beach knows that Dominicans serve up some serious hair! After living in Miami for four years, I found out firsthand how serious these salons were. Before Dominican salons, I almost always encountered stylists who didn’t blow my hair straight enough or tried to fry my hair with curling irons and hot combs that ended up doing more damage than good. By the time I tried my first Dominican blow-out, I was praying to the gods of hair that someone would know how to tame my oftentimes wild mane! The second the stylist finished my hair, I knew my prayers were answered and me and my curly mane have never looked back.

Known for their abilities with blow-dryers and exceptional moisturizers and conditioners, Dominican stylists and salons have steadily gained momentum in the last ten years and there’s no sign of slowing. For many clients, it’s their ease and comfort handling all textures of hair that has them singing their praises. Also it’s the Dominican philosophy of growing, conditioning and strengthening your hair which seems to be the exact opposite of traditional African American salons. And this is where the controversy lies.

Dominican salons don’t rely on harsh chemical treatments, braiding or hot combs that can permanently break or damage the hair leaving it thin, unhealthy and limp. We’ve all seen women with sections of hair either completely bald or extremely thin due to excessive braiding and weaving. African American salons also use hair care products laden with thick oils and other heavy ingredients that weigh down the hair and clog the pores on the scalp making it hard for new growth to thrive.

The rise in popularity of the Dominican hair salon has created a growing sense of tension and hostility amongst African American salons and salon owners. Even though Dominican salons are not purposely trying to steal their customers, it’s apparent that many of their clients were happy to leave their current situation for a salon that nurtured and cared for their hair.

It makes perfect sense that Dominican stylists would know a thing or two about maintaining different textures of hair. Dominicans are a mixture of African, Spanish and sometimes Native American ancestry which equals unique textures and the creation of special techniques to handle these textures. “Curly hair is our specialty. We know how to style and care for all kinds of textures. We also know the importance of using the right amount of heat to achieve a perfectly straight look. That’s the key to a beautiful wrap or flat ironed look. You need to have heat,” says Freyla, a Dominicana and salon owner in Hollywood, Florida.

SOURCE: Noche Latina

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Michelle into high fashion

Posted on July 22, 2007. Filed under: Beauty & Fashion, Celebrities & Entertainment |

Former Lost star and one-time inmate Michelle Rodriguez is starting—wait for it—a clothing line. , Rodriguez—who, to be fair, only spent 65 hours in prison for drunk driving charges, not that we would bring that up—has plans to launch Ishkadada, an ethnic inspired wardrobe collection. Apparently the actress, who is going to visit such exotic locales as Brazil and China for “inspiration,” is worried about the future of her acting career—and designing a clothing line may be more profitable than waiting for that next casting call.

“I’m going to start a clothing line. I thought it’d be a good idea because I can’t rely on a paycheck from Hollywood,” says Rodriguez. “I don’t want to have to do some sci-fi movie that I think is really awful. I’m tired of that. So I’m gonna go make my own money and then decide whether I want to do something in Hollywood, instead of doing it because I need to.”

If the clothing line is a success, maybe Michelle can afford to buy a new liver…

SOURCE: Latina

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