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What is Blog LATINA?

The online spot for modern Latinas dedicated to all things Latino. Blog LATINA features original coverage of the best films, TV, books, and music in the Latino community. Its daily posts represents different aspects of Latino life, including beauty and fashion, Hispanic culture, food, celebrity gossip, history, politics, and news.

Testimonials from Blog LATINA readers

“Cyn, both your last two posts are excellent!!!! I can tell that you have a lot of maturity and self-awareness for your age. You are right on with both posts… very accurate AND articulate observations!” – Susana

“Props to you, my ‘mana!” – Elisha Miranda, writer

“Excellent post.” travelwahine

“This is a great post Cyn” – Mrs. S.

Who is Blog LATINA’s audience?

Over 3,000 monthly unique visitors who are primarily modern, bicultural Latinos proud of their U.S. and Latin American cultures. They are entertainment junkies of strong opinion. They believe they can have it all: beauty, brains, a wonderful family, and lots of fun.

  • Gender: 75% Female, 25% Male
  • Age: 20-37 years

  • Education Level: 72% are college graduates

  • Household income: $50,000+
  • National Exposure: New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Delaware, Arizona, New Jersey, Texas, Illinois just to name a few

  • International Exposure: US, Canada, Turkey, UK, Mexico, Argentina, Belgium, Dominican Republic, France, Guatemala
  • Marital Status/Parents: 55% single, 35% parents
  • Language: 90% English dominant

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