Dominican Hair Salons

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When it comes to achieving the perfect blow out, every woman on the East Coast from Manhattan to Miami Beach knows that Dominicans serve up some serious hair! After living in Miami for four years, I found out firsthand how serious these salons were. Before Dominican salons, I almost always encountered stylists who didn’t blow my hair straight enough or tried to fry my hair with curling irons and hot combs that ended up doing more damage than good. By the time I tried my first Dominican blow-out, I was praying to the gods of hair that someone would know how to tame my oftentimes wild mane! The second the stylist finished my hair, I knew my prayers were answered and me and my curly mane have never looked back.

Known for their abilities with blow-dryers and exceptional moisturizers and conditioners, Dominican stylists and salons have steadily gained momentum in the last ten years and there’s no sign of slowing. For many clients, it’s their ease and comfort handling all textures of hair that has them singing their praises. Also it’s the Dominican philosophy of growing, conditioning and strengthening your hair which seems to be the exact opposite of traditional African American salons. And this is where the controversy lies.

Dominican salons don’t rely on harsh chemical treatments, braiding or hot combs that can permanently break or damage the hair leaving it thin, unhealthy and limp. We’ve all seen women with sections of hair either completely bald or extremely thin due to excessive braiding and weaving. African American salons also use hair care products laden with thick oils and other heavy ingredients that weigh down the hair and clog the pores on the scalp making it hard for new growth to thrive.

The rise in popularity of the Dominican hair salon has created a growing sense of tension and hostility amongst African American salons and salon owners. Even though Dominican salons are not purposely trying to steal their customers, it’s apparent that many of their clients were happy to leave their current situation for a salon that nurtured and cared for their hair.

It makes perfect sense that Dominican stylists would know a thing or two about maintaining different textures of hair. Dominicans are a mixture of African, Spanish and sometimes Native American ancestry which equals unique textures and the creation of special techniques to handle these textures. “Curly hair is our specialty. We know how to style and care for all kinds of textures. We also know the importance of using the right amount of heat to achieve a perfectly straight look. That’s the key to a beautiful wrap or flat ironed look. You need to have heat,” says Freyla, a Dominicana and salon owner in Hollywood, Florida.

SOURCE: Noche Latina


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One Response to “Dominican Hair Salons”

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Oh yes, there is no one like a Dominicana when you want your (hair)do done correctly! And, before folks start trippin’ and making claims about the lack of loyalty to our indigenous roots, let me just say that while I love my curls, there are formal occasions that call for something more predictable and controllable. And those days when I just want something a little different. It has nothing to do with loyalty and everything to do with preference-am I right?
Your hair looks gorgeous!

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