Green-friendly bags

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Paper or plastic?

The Bite
How ’bout neither. We use shopping bags for a few hours, but they can take lifetimes to decompose. New foldable nylon versions make it easy to BYOB wherever you go-whether it’s clothes shopping, grocery shopping, or a drugstore impulse buy.

The Benefits

  • Oil and tree savings. In the United States, 12 million barrels of oil and 14 million trees go to producing plastic and paper bags each year.
  • Discounts. Stores like Safeway and Whole Foods offer a five-penny discount if you bring your own.
  • Being a role model. Other shoppers’ll watch and learn.
  • Safety for sea creatures. Plastic bags are the fifth most commonly found item in coastal cleanups.

Personally Speaking
Jen’s brought her own since the days when loading up a canvas bag at the store wasn’t so popular. She still gets weird looks from other shoppers, but that’s for other reasons…

Wanna Try?

  • ACME Bags Workhorse – superlight nylon bags that fold into a tiny attached pouch, in four colors ($10).
  • Ecobags Organic Cotton String Shopping Bag – these simple bags fit in your purse or pocket. Also: reusable produce bags ($3-$7).
  • Posch – stylish bags created from vintage sheets and pillowcases ($40).
  • Biter Bag – our very own bags, made from recycled plastic bottles ($20).
  • “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” Bag – this bag spells it out for those who are slow on the uptake ($15).
  • If you must use a plastic bag, reuse it as long as you can, then tie it into knots before you toss it to keep it from ballooning up into the air and ending up as litter.

SOURCE: Ideal Bite


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