Latino Films in Tribeca Film Festival

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There are several Latino films being featured in the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival (from April 25th until May 6th). New York Latinos show some love for these Hispanic filmmakers paving the way for future Latino film professionals. For more information visit Tribeca Film Festival



[AMEXI] Discovery
2007, 86 mins
Interests: Dramedy, Social Issues, Latino, Drama, New York, *NYcomp*, Immigration

A low-key, charming depiction of working-class American life, this rare gem explores the surprising bond between a hard-working illegal immigrant and a blue-collar Italian American from Queens. Wrestling language barriers and racial prejudices, the two grow closer as their worlds expand, while the permanent threat of deportation looms large. In English and Spanish.



The Ballad of Esequiel Hernandez
[BALLA] Discovery
2007, 90 mins
Interests: Social Issues, Politics, Latino, Documentary, Immigration

Nearly ten years after the murder of 18-year-old American citizen Esequiel Hernández by a U.S. Marine team in Texas, the border continues to see increased militarization. Juxtaposing the grief of the victim’s family with the Marines’ frustration and guilt in their first on-screen interviews, this probing documentary, narrated by Tommy Lee Jones, asks: is history doomed to repeat itself? In English and Spanish.



[CHAVE] Encounters
2007, 78 mins
Interests: Biography, History, Sports, Latino, Documentary, *ESPN*, Actors Behind the Camera

Actor Diego Luna (Y Tu Mamá También) steps behind the camera for this heartfelt documentary about the life and career of his countryman, Mexican boxer Julio César Chávez, considered one of the sport’s–and Mexico’s–all-time greats. Luna follows Chávez through the final bouts of his career, even as he proudly passes the torch of boxing to his son.



[DESCE] Encounters
2007, 110 mins
Interests: Social Issues, Sexual Politics, Latino, Drama, Women, New York, Youth, *NYcomp*, Actors Behind the Camera, Violence, Female Directors

A tale of innocence shattered, dreams destroyed and vengeance fulfilled, Descent begins with an idealistic vision of college sweethearts and wild house parties, but quickly falls apart. A rape sends Maya (Rosario Dawson) into a spiral of drugs, rage and despair-until she is reunited with her attacker and offered a chance to settle the score. A City Lights Pictures Release.




[INVIS] Spotlight
2006, 106 mins
Interests: Social Issues, Latin American, African, Latino, Drama, Documentary, Actors Behind the Camera, Female Directors

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Giving voice to those silenced by international indifference, Academy Award®-nominated actor Javier Bardem teams with Doctors Without Borders to produce this powerful collection of short films. Five acclaimed directors shed light on heroic, yet unsung humanitarian efforts to combat international crises, which have thus far remained invisible. In Spanish, English, Lwo, Kiluba and Swahili.




[LIVEY] Discovery
2007, 96 mins
Interests: Social Issues, Latino, Drama, Satire, Suspense, Actors Behind the Camera

What if everyday people played a game of Russian Roulette with a loaded gun on live television? Would you watch? A network executive (Eva Mendes) certainly hopes so as she puts her career on the line, producing such a reality show. In this dark satire, a documentary crew follows the behind-the-scenes struggle to air this controversial show.


Lovesickness (Maldeamores)
[LOVES] Encounters
2007, 90 mins
Interests: Dramedy, Latin American, Kids, Romance, Latino, Drama, Coming of Age, Comedy, Aging, Family

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Tales of maddening infatuation—a surprising love triangle, an unfaithful marriage and a hostage situation—weave together artfully in the backyards of Puerto Rico. Passion defeats reason again and again in this melancholy comedy about the selfish search for love and connection. In Spanish.



The Man of Two Havanas
[HAVAN] Discovery
2007, 93 mins
Interests: Latin American, History, Politics, Latino, Documentary, Family, Immigration, Female Directors


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Growing up in Miami, the director witnessed drive-by shootings and death threats directed toward her father, a former friend of Fidel Castro and opponent of the embargo. Using never-before-heard CIA audiotapes and fascinating interviews with her father, Weisman links his past and present in an eye-opening film that’s sure to be talked about. In Spanish and English.



The Road to St. Diego
(El Camino de San Diego)
[ROADT] Spotlight
2006, 98 mins
Interests: Road Trip, Latin American, Sports, Latino

A young Argentine backwoodsman learns that soccer star Diego Maradona is ailing in a Buenos Aires hospital, and resolves to bring him a tree root he’s uncovered—which he’s certain looks just like his idol. Tracing a pilgrimage filled with humor, Sorin spins a delightfully offbeat tale about the roles that fate, religion and idolatry can play in life.




Take the Bridge
[BRIDG] Spotlight
2007, 88 mins


Interests: Urban, Teens, Latino, Drama, New York, *NYcomp*, Immigration

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Four young strangers meet after their failed suicide attempts land each of them in the hospital on the same day. United by circumstance, they may yet discover a reason to live. This fresh, original take on city life pays tribute to the vitality and energy of the Dominican community in Washington Heights. In English and Spanish.




Towards Darkness (Hacia La Oscuridad)
World Narrative Feature Comp
2007, 94 mins
Interests: Social Issues, Latin American, Thriller, Latino, Drama, Family, Suspense, Actors Behind the Camera, Violence

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Colombia’s rampant kidnappings are the brutal reality at the heart of this nail-biting thriller. A young photographer is abducted, held for ransom, and forced to contemplate imminent death while his family makes desperate covert deals to secure his release. Featuring America Ferrera. In English and Spanish.




Two Embraces
(Dos Abrazos)
[EMBRA] World Narrative Feature Comp
2007, 87 mins


Interests: Social Issues, Latin American, Latino, Drama

Four people forced to fend for themselves in life — a burdened twelve-year-old boy, the cashier he has a crush on, an angry taxi driver and the estranged daughter of one of his passengers — come together in two embraces. An auspicious film debut and poignant tale of lonely people who find a glimmer of hope in each other in today’s Mexico City.





Where God Left His Shoes
[WHERE] Discovery
2007, 99 mins
Interests: Urban, Latino, Drama, New York, Family, *NYcomp*

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Frank Diaz (John Leguizamo) and his family have been living in a homeless shelter for months. But on Christmas Eve, they receive the best gift possible-the chance for an apartment. To get it, Frank needs a job, so he and his stepson go on the hunt for employment. This heartwarming tale shows the compassion of a family that comes together when all else feels lost.




The Year My Parents Went on Vacation
(O Ano em que Meus Pais Saíram de Férias)
[YEARM] World Narrative Feature Comp
2006, 104 mins
Interests: Kids, Politics, Latino, Jewish

It’s the summer of 1970, and 12-year-old Mauro’s biggest concern is whether Brazil wins the World Cup—until his politicized parents are forced to flee the country, and he is thrust into the alien world of São Paulo’s Jewish community. This sensitive drama shows an innocent caught up in a ferociously repressive dictatorship he knows nothing about.


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