Latina Beauty Fools

Posted on March 31, 2007. Filed under: Beauty & Fashion |

In celebration of April Fools Day, we are highlighting a few beauty fools among the Latina celebrities.

Lashing Out
Everyone wants long, lush lashes, but that’s no excuse for the spidery, clumped-up lashes that Jennifer Lopez once sported. This
Tammy Fay look comes from excessively applying mascara or using cheap falsies.

Tips to avoid this problem:

  1. Wiping off the mascara wand with a tissue to avoid blobs before you begin
  2. Apply a thin coat starting from root to tip
  3. Run an eyelash brush through your lashes after to prevent clumpy build-up
  4. Always keep your mascara tube closed extra tight so it doesn’t dry out and leave you with cake-y lashes
  5. Toss that old tube every three months for a new one.
  6. If you decide to try faux eyelashes, avoid the cheap pharmacy caterpillar-lashes and try Shu Uemura’s upscale falsies or get them professionally applied…it’s costly but well worth the dough.

Joker Lipstick
We love fun, vibrant lipstick colors just as much as the other gal but you got to know when enough is enough, especially if you already have thin, wide lips like Cameron. Trust me when I say that you’ll look like Ronald McDonald. If your lips are thin or take up ¾ of your face, try bright red in other places. For example, you paint your nails with OPI’s Double Decker Red. If you still want the stop-him-in-his-tracks red lipstick look, then here’s a few tips to avoid a running lipstick, bleeding look:

  1. Apply powder to your lips first since it helps the color stay put
  2. Pick a matte shade like Shiseido’s Real Red Perfecting Lipstick
  3. Finally, check often. Otherwise, you make look like a vampire after a late night snack.

Wrong Foundation
FYI: Your foundation must be the same color as the rest of your body. That maxim may be simple, but it remains true today! For example, here’s Christina looking like an orange alien as she sports the wrong foundation. How can we tell its the wrong foundation? Check out her hairline: it’s a much lighter tone than the color of her foundation. All Christina achieved was an obvious failed attempt in faking a golden tan with darker-than-your-skin-color foundation. This Dirrty star simply looks dirty in this failed tan experiment.

Tips to avoid the wrong foundation:

  1. Get some help from a salesperson at your favorite makeup counter.
  2. When you test different shades, be in the best light possible.
  3. Then, blend, blend, blend when applying!


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4 Responses to “Latina Beauty Fools”

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you know, i actually saw those exact lashes at sephora and at torrid! people actually buy them and wear them that way! i don’t like the look either. very lilian munster…
anyway, great post!!!
kathy 🙂

The hairline is not what you look at to see what the right foundation is. Do you know why I know this? Because when I have no makeup on, my hairline and scalp are still a few shades lighter than my face.

BTW, those are not cheap, false, clumped up lashes Jennifer Lopez had. Those are MINK SABLE, costing a little less than a few thousand dollars.

Thanks for the FYI c.f. I’m always open to suggestions and corrections. What do you look at to see what would be the right foundation?
By the way, I actually never said that Jennifer is sporting cheap falsies.


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